Wide Surface Monitoring SAR
WSMS is an imaging RADAR that delivers meaningful images regardless of weather or time of day. These can then be combined with map material or images from other sensors, as these are georeferenced.
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Mouth of the Rhine Bodensee / Altitude: 1600 m / Resolution 5x5m SDM Mode
Function and advantages


It is a model F for flight speeds of 240 - 480 km / h (fixed wing aircafts and helicopters).
As well as a model S for flight speeds of 80 - 140 km / h (gyro copter and drones) on offer.


In combination with a data link, these images are not only available in the cockpit, but also on the ground at the same time. See also the information on MARSO.


The radar electronics can be mounted inside or outside the aircraft.

Detection range

With a range of 40 km to the left and right of the carrier aircraft, i.e. a strip width of almost 80 km, large areas can be observed within a short time.

Example: 80 km strip width x 150 km / h airspeed results in an observed area of 12,000 square kilometers within one hour.

Ground station

Eine Ground Operations Unit hilft beim Bearbeiten und Speichern der Bilder.


Laden Sie sich hier das Datenblatt herunter.
Coast of Bremerhaven / Altitude: 1200 m, Resolution 5x5 m SDM
Oilspill Detection Mode
Both radar models have an oil spill detection mode, which can be activated from the ground station or from the aircraft. A very important feature for deployments in disaster control or environmental protection. In an oil spill, every minute counts.
Altitude: 1800 m, Resolution 30x30 m ODM
Additional advantages

Stand alone version with its own IMU and its own GPS

Light weight

Low energy consumption

Small antennas (30 cm to max 70 cm)

ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation) free

Design and production from a single source

State of the art

Areas of application
  • Border surveillance against smuggling and illegal immigration
  • Search of castaways
  • Search of wreckage
  • Environmental controls
  • Illegal fishing
  • Assessment of the situation after environmental disasters
  • Monitoring of shipping traffic
  • Illegal mining
  • Illegal logging
Potenzieller Anwender:

M anned
A irborne
R eal-time
S urveillance &
O bservation
Gyrocopter für ISR-Mission

MARSO is the combination of

  • A carrier aircraft, depending on the order or region of operation
  • WSMS as a radar
  • A full HD camera system, infrared and with zoom mode
  • Data links for up and down communication, so the entire electronics can also be operated from the ground

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