Ultra High Resolution Photonic Radar

Next generation radar system
Our new radar system combines advanced radar technologies, AI, and photonic technology for safe and reliable navigation of autonomous vehicles, even under extreme weather conditions, and with improved energy efficiency.
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Limitations of current technologies


In snow, for example, optical sensors can have their vision limited by snowflakes and drifting snow, resulting in inaccurate or erroneous data.


Rain, on the other hand, can reduce camera image quality due to water droplets on the lens and limit the range of LiDAR systems because water particles scatter light.


Fog is another challenge, as tiny water droplets in the air diffusely reflect light, reducing the visibility range of cameras and LiDAR systems.
Using advanced radar technologies, our new system ensures safe and reliable navigation for autonomous vehicles in all weather conditions.
Our new radar system features significantly improved angular resolution compared to conventional systems. This improved resolution enables the system to detect objects in the environment with much greater accuracy and clarity. Precise detection of objects, including their position, size and speed, is critical for safe and efficient navigation of autonomous vehicles.

Conventional Radar

High Resolution Radar

System Performance Parameters
0,1° Azimuth
0,5° Elevation
High Resolution
120° Azimuth
30° Elevation
Wide Field of View
250 m
High Range
15 cm
Range Resolution
0,1 m/s
Doppler Resolution
30 FPS
Real Time

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