mmWave technology by Fujikura
Our company offers its customers high-performance modules for wireless mmWave communication, with which a wide variety of technical solutions can be implemented for a large number of applications and services.
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System concept

With the offer of a compact, integrated 60 GHz mmW module, Fujikura is making its contribution to the development of 5G networks in companies. This module is able to achieve wireless high-speed communication in the 60 GHz frequency band. The space-saving design of the antenna module combines the function of a baseband radio modem with an RFFE function.

High frequency bands are sensitive to electromagnetic emission from wiring or cabling. Therefore, the connection between the RF IC and the antenna must be kept as short as possible in order to maximize the benefits of an mmW module. By selecting low-loss materials for printed circuit boards and modularizing the RF IC and antenna, highly efficient data transmission can be achieved.
Advantages & Functions
With the maturity of 5G technology, there is a paradigm shift in the field of high-frequency data transmission. Applications that were unthinkable until today are possible with 5G. There are many new possibilities, not just for end customers. B. in the areas of AR / VR. Companies will be able to use 5G to make their internal networks faster and more secure.
The Fujikura Group has strong expertise in antenna design, substrates, filter design and module integration of the highest quality and performance. This makes Fujikura a strong partner in the field of millimeter wave technology (mmW technology) and also has many years of experience in the field of telecommunications technologies.

Wider frequency band

With a frequency band of 57-71 GHz, the mmW module from Fujikura offers a greater bandwidth than its competitors on the market and thus enables higher data transfer rates.

Channel bandwidth

Thanks to greater flexibility in the selection of the frequency channel (0,55 / 1,1 / 2,2 GHz), interference with other radio networks in the integration environment of the mmW module can be avoided.

Modularization method

With an increased quadrature amplitude modulation of 64QAM, a higher spectral efficiency is achieved and thus higher data transmission rates are possible.

Total transmission performance

The power level of the mmW module from Fujikura is 21dBm, 10 times the power ratio compared to competitors on the market.

Antenna gain (radiation angle)

The directivity of the module is optimized by using a phase-controlled antenna with a directional angle of up to +/- 45 degrees.

High capacity long distance transmission

Low-loss LCP materials and high-output RF ICs help achieve first-class millimeter-wave band communication over distances of 500 m at 2 Gbit / s.

Broad coverage

The unique design of the phased array antenna with 16 elements enables automatic beam shaping over a wide angle of ± 45 degrees.


The broadband antenna fully covers the frequency bands from 57 to 71 GHz.

Multiple connections

Thanks to the advanced wireless control technology, up to 30 devices (maximum) at the customer's site can be automatically connected to a single access point.

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