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Reliability is essential to ensure transparency and predictability. This is exactly where we start with our solutions.
We at Fujikura Technology Europe GmbH are a proud part of the Japanese technology group Fujikura Ltd., which was founded in 1885.

As an important subsidiary of the R&D division, we were founded in 2018 in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, with the task of developing and marketing innovative and cross-industry solutions. Always committed to our customer benefit, we have focused on the areas of software, artificial intelligence, radar technologies and sensors since our foundation.

Born out of an international group, we decided in 2020 to set up two international subsidiaries ourselves. This is how FTES AG (Switzerland) and FTET (Turkey) came into being to support our development department.


News– HyCologne

Our aim is always to help shape the most modern technologies and future-oriented markets. For this reason, we joined the HyCologne hydrogen network as a full member at the beginning of 2021. In addition to the cooperation with outstanding partners in the field of hydrogen research, infrastructure and use, the environmental aspect was decisive for us.
We are sure that we can ideally contribute our expertise in the field of artificial intelligence and future-oriented software in order to be able to develop together with our partners solutions for all of our energy supplies of tomorrow. The focus here will be on predictive maintenance measures for compressors, motors and valves in order to ensure security of supply in the network.

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