Predictive maintenance for your machines
Reliability is essential to ensure transparency and predictability. This is exactly where our sensor solution relai.on comes in.
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System Concept

Experienced machine and system operators recognize irregularities (anomalies) in the noise profiles of their machines and systems at an early stage and can thus intervene in good time. In this way, necessary maintenance and troubleshooting can be carried out before damage occurs. Why is it that machine and system operators have this special knowledge?

This experience-based analysis of the perceived structure-borne noise is often interpreted as intuition. Through years of operation of the machine or system, the normal, specific background noise of the work process has been impressed on the employee, so that they: r intuitively perceive any deviation that is evident in the structure-borne noise generated.

Our approach

This is where RELAI.ON comes in. The system analyzes the emitted structure-borne noise, processes it on the supplied hardware (on-the-edge) and forwards the analysis results to a user interface.

Based on our wealth of experience, we have positioned ourselves flexibly in this regard and, in addition to our own user interface, offer the option of enabling customer-specific requirements such as integration into an existing ERP system.

Tailored to you

In order to be able to offer a solution that is as tailored as possible to the customer, the training data required for the artificial intelligence is recorded in the customer's real integration environment. In this way, we ensure that normal background noise, which can occur in familiar surroundings, does not negatively affect the data analysis.

Following the recording of the training data, we will finally adapt our algorithm with this practice-based training data. Our solution therefore has a flexible range of uses.

Advantages & Functions
The almost real-time data analysis and output can avoid unplanned downtimes and reduce downtimes. In addition to the possibilities of minimizing costs that arise as a result, our customers are also guaranteed an increased ability to plan the use of machines and an increase in the quality of the delivered goods.

Another advantage that should not be underestimated is that our solution can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and makes monitoring possible even on systems and machines that cannot be permanently looked after by human employees.
Since RELAI.ON is able to process large amounts of data offline (on-the-edge), streaming of large amounts of data is not necessary, which means that the application possibilities can be further expanded.

Even if the human ear, as a highly precise organ, is able to perceive a broad spectrum of sound-based events, today's technology enables much more precise possibilities.

What you get

  • Longer machine and / or system service life
  • Greater planning security for maintenance work
  • Remote access to machine and / or system status
  • Precise information about the machine / system (e.g. operating status)
  • A valuable additional function for your customers when integrated into your products / systems

What you decrease

  • Longer machine and / or system service life
  • Reduction of costs for spare parts
  • Reduction of production downtime
  • Reduction of machine and / or system downtimes
  • Minimization of on-site technicians
Use Cases

Condition monitoring

Early detection of bearing damage before failure.

Detection of defective components before failure occurs

Detection of short-term events in airborne and structure-borne noise.

Detection of abnormal operating conditions

Detect machine wear at an early stage and take countermeasures.

Detection of errors

Monitor the closing and opening behavior of valves.

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